A few years ago I set out to find the best electric shaver for sensitive skin.

In fact, razor burn on my neck was the reason I made the switch from disposable blades to electric shavers.

Not only did I get lucky and find a product that works really well for me, but I have also tested out a few which I wouldn’t recommend.

I will reveal my recommendation, but it’s important to remember that everyone’s skin condition is a little different. This is what I have personally experienced but there are different degrees of sensitive skin, and everyone will react differently to certain products.

Disposable Razors or Electric Shavers

Before I made the switch from traditional blades I would experience razor burn on my neck. It wouldn’t happen every single shave, but at least 25% of the time. I have a patch of hair on my neck which seems to grow in all different directions, and unfortunately I experienced razor burn too often when using a disposable blade.

This is one category of sensitive skin, but other people have different problems. They may have acne around their face and chin areas, or they may have ingrown hairs which can be very sensitive.

For a group of people, razor blades don’t work well. They are too sharp and cause too much irritation. Of course there are others who enjoy a shave with disposable blades, so it really comes down to personal preference. For me, making the switch from razor blades has completely eliminated any irritation while shaving.

The debate between these shaving techniques will never really be over. There are too many unique experiences which are in favor of each method of shaving. If you’ve come to the conclusion that you need to switch, then hopefully you’ll be satisfied with my recommendation here. I continue to get emails from people who are extremely happy with this particular product.

Wet or Dry Shaving?

There’s no right answer here, or “one shave fits all”.

A wet shave with an electric razor sounds good on paper but it doesn’t always work out for everyone. Wet shavers allow you to wash your face with nice warm water and then apply shaving cream. Sometimes this can make the shaving experience much more enjoyable, however it depends on the person, and product being used.

A wet shave with low quality products is not recommended. So it really comes down to getting a quality unit which can be used wet, or sticking to dry shaves. From my personal experience, I haven’t noticed a better shave using the wet feature on some of the top systems.

The product that I recommend below is not designed for wet shaving, however if you would like one which you can use with some shaving cream then consider a model from Panasonic.

After testing out many of the top shaving systems, I would recommend the Braun Series 7- 790cc as the most comfortable.

I don’t experience any irritation on my neck and the overall experience is great. This is my go to product and one that I use on a regular basis.

The reason I recommend this model is because the final product in terms of closeness is great, but the process is also excellent.

What I mean by this is that the shaver seems to produce the least amount of irritation out of most of the models I have tested.

It works almost effortlessly as opposed to other models which require me to press in a little harder, or go over certain areas more often.

I would say that the final outcome from using the Braun Series 7 is very comparable to other top selling models, however the process and overall shaving experience is slightly better with the Braun.

This is what I’ve personally noticed, and why I believe this is one of the better options for someone looking to avoid irritation.