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Don’t Buy an Electric Shaver Before Reading This!

Tyler from Electric Shaver GuideIf you’re looking for electric razor reviews, you’ve come to the right place.

Let me explain by first telling you who I am. Don’t worry it’ll be quick ;)

My name is Tyler, and I have personally reviewed all the top selling models.

Just do a Youtube search about electric shavers and you’ll find me at the top. Not only have I tried them, I’ve actually created real video reviews so you can see the shaver in action before buying.

Because I know first hand how confusing it can be when researching these products, I’ve created a quick start guide to get you on the right track.

Quick Start Guide

This is going to be a very short overview of what you need to consider.

What You Must Do Before Opening Your Wallet:

The first thing you need to do is figure out your beard type. If you have thick facial hair, you can’t use a low end shaver. You won’t get good results. Discover your beard thickness here.

Foil or Rotary?

The two designs work a bit differently. In general terms, foil shavers are better for thicker beards. With the foil design you can apply more pressure which is needed with thick facial hair. Rotary shavers work better with a light circular stroke, and therefore they’re more appropriate for medium to light beards. Again, there are always exceptions to this generalization.

Wet or Dry?

This is really a preference thing. Your final results will be practically the same, so for the most part it boils down to preference. Some people like the speed of dry shaves, while others claim more comfort with wet shaves. No clear winner here.

What About Your Budget?

If you buy an electric razor based on your budget, you might be disappointed. Guys with thick beards who only want to spend 50 bucks won’t be happy customers.

Your First Step!

First thing you need to do is figure out what type of facial hair you have, then find recommendations for that specific beard type. So you can watch the video I created which explains this, and then find the appropriate recommendations.

For video #2 click here!

Your Guide to a Smooth Shave

Video Reviews

All the reviews have a video section. I don’t review a product unless I buy and test it out myself.Watch the popular reviews

Rating System

Check out my ratings, and then watch the full reviews. See what things I factor into the scores.Review the top ratings

Top 10 Shavers

Everyone seems to love a top 10 list. If you’re in a rush and don’t have much time for research, check out the models on this list. Learn more.


Beard Trimmers

I’ve reviewed a bunch of trimmers, and they’re all a bit different. Check out the reviews and comparisons to find one that’s right for you. Learn more.


Free Video Series

Here you’ll figure out your beard type, and match it with the right model. In no time you’ll find a recommendation just for you. Learn more.

Searching for the Best Electric Shaver?

I've been in those shoes...
Several years ago I decided I needed a change. Disposable razors just weren’t working for me. Every other shave I experienced razor burn on my neck, and I knew there had to be a better way. So I set out to find myself the best electric razor.
Truth about review sites...
Just like you, I hit the Internet and began searching for reviews and information. Unfortunately when I began my search, I was completely disappointed in the lack of good information. Almost all the review sites were just a bunch of re-written articles. I found out that no one was actually reviewing the products! Compare the top brands here: Braun | Panasonic | Philips Norelco
The website mission...
That’s how my journey for the closest shave lead me to create this website, and produce REAL electric shaver reviews, one razor at a time. Most websites just list the product specs and discuss the design, the authors don’t actually test out the shavers. My goal with Electric-Shaver-Guide.com is to help you find the best razor for your needs, based on my real life experiences with these products.
Thanks to Tyler’s advice, I got my very first electric razor, which exceeded my expectations. His reviews are spot on!
Michael O,
The guide helps you find your beard type, and then recommends you a specific model. A must read if you are in the market.
Mark H,
Tyler did a great job creating the guide, and it appears he put a lot of time and effort into it. It is definitely worth downloading.
Joe T,
An excellent guide to the different types of shavers. Conveniently has all information put in one place.
Oscar C,

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