The Official Braun Series 7 Review

For the past several years I’ve been using the Braun Series 7 – 790cc, and I must say I have been quite impressed. Even with the release of the newer Braun Series 9, I still recommend the Series 7 to most people.

I like the design, the cleaning system is very convenient, and of course the actual shaving experience is completely satisfying.

So, although I am a big fan, I will make this review as fair and as thorough as I can.

Enter the Braun Pulsonic – 790cc:

The day it was delivered to my house, I was definitely excited. Who would have thought that an electric shaver comes in such a big package!

I was a bit relieved to find out that FedEX hadn’t made a mistake.

Once a knife and scissors were put to good use and the box was finally opened, this is what I found:

  • Braun 790cc Razor
  • Electric Cord
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Traveling Case
  • Clean and Renew Base
  • Clean and Renew Liquid Pack
  • Set of Instructions

The cleaning system is great.

Every time you finish a shave, simply put it in the charging base, hit a button and your shaver is cleaned, sterilized and ready for the next shave.

There are 4 types of cleaning modes. I have found that a normal shave will just require a light cleaning session. If you have a few days worth of growth then it may require a medium or a more thorough clean. These 3 cleaning sessions take 30 to 40 minutes to run through. There is also a quick clean feature which cleans the unit in 25 seconds.

The cleaning sessions won’t begin until you hit the start button. This allows you to charge the shaver without running it through the cleaning process. This is important because you can manually clean the razor as well.

There’s really only one complaint that anyone would have with this cleaning system: The cost.

Yes there’s a bit of an added expense, but it’s not as expensive as people rant about. Firstly, you’re going to receive one pack of cleaning liquid with the initial purchase. This is going to last for approximately 30 cleaning sessions. So if you shave everyday and clean the shaver everyday you’re going to need to replace the liquid cartridge every month.

The Clean and Renew liquid packs are usually sold in a set of 3 for 15 dollars. So that’s an added cost of 5 dollars per month, or 60 dollars per year. Personally I’m happy to pay 5 dollars a month to have the razor cleaned and sterilized after each use. I see it as a luxury cost.

Of course, some people won’t be thrilled with this extra expense, but there are a few simple solutions to reduce this cost. First one is to just use the cleaning liquid every other day. Manually clean one day, and run it through the cleaning process the next day. Right there that cuts the cost in half. 2 dollars and 50 cents per month, or 30 dollars per year. Not a big deal. Plus, many people won’t be using it every single day anyways.

If you wanted to be really thrifty, you can actually use the liquid very sparingly. Run it through the Clean and Renew system say once per week, and just manually clean it the other 6 days. This will significantly reduce the added cost.

Once the Clean and Renew liquid is setup inside the shaving base, after about 8 weeks whether you use it or not, some liquid may evaporate.

If you want to conserve the liquid then remove it from the base when you’re not using it and put the cap back on. This will allow you to store it safely.

Like I said, I’m happy to pay 5 dollars per month for this special feature, but there are certainly ways around reducing that cost.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that there are added costs with substitutes. If you were using disposal blades you would need to replace them, as well as the cost of shaving cream. Various other forms of shaving do have additional costs, but few compare to the convenience of this unit.

Cleaning the shaver regularly is going to help it last longer. Many people run into problems because they don’t keep their electric razors clean.

If you’re not going to use the cleaning base regularly, or if you’re traveling, you’re going to need to clean it manually. This is the one and only downfall to this system, the shaving foils and blades are in one unit, making a manually clean not as easy as other models. This is why the cleaning station is a bit of a necessity.

There are two ways to do this. First one is to remove the shaving foil and lightly brush out any hairs from the unit. There is a release button on the side of the shaving head which allows you to easily take it off. Don’t use the brush on the shaving foils.

The second method is to put the shaving head under running hot water. It should be on when you do this. Remove the cap and let it fully dry until you use it again. If you’re going to clean it under water often, then Braun recommends you apply some machine oil to the shaving head about once per week.

This has a really nice high tech design and fits comfortably in the hand. Not too big, not too small.

The Pulsonic technology with this razor refers to the 10,000 microvibrations per minute that are generated from the shaving head. This, along with the Power-Comb technology helps lift hairs off your face for easy shaving. This combination really helps you get a very smooth shave.

The shaving head also pivots up and down and can lock on a certain angle. This helps with shaving the neck area and upper lip.

One downfall with the design is that the blades and the foil are one unit. This makes cleaning it manually a little harder, and it’s why I always recommend you go with the cleaning station. I would recommend you avoid the 720 S which is just the razor without the cleaning base.

There’s also a pop up trimmer which I found to be effective at lining out the side burns. You can also use this trimmer to trim a moustache or trim down your beard to a reasonable level.

On the bottom there’s an LCD display which shows the battery life and the hygiene level. Once both of these are full and the shaver is in the

base, it will go on stand-by mode. A full charge should last you about 50 minutes of shaving time. You can also use it with the electric cord which is ideal for traveling.

Lastly there are different speed settings. I have always used to the highest setting but if your facial hair isn’t very thick or you have quite sensitive skin, you might want to start with the lower settings. Prior to using this model I was using a disposable razor for about a month and making the switch was completely fine.

However, if you’re coming from a disposable razor or a rotary shaver you might take a few days to adjust to the Braun. This might be another scenario when the lower speed setting may be beneficial for you.

As I mentioned above, I’m a big fan of this device and I will continue to use it. I really only have positive things to say with my overall shaving experience.

My facial hair is quite dark and pretty thick, and I didn’t have any problems. Keeping the shaver at a 90 degree angle and pressing in fairly hard at certain times, I was able to get a nice smooth shave.

With disposable blades I never shave against the grain so running my fingers up on my face isn’t smooth at all. But with the electric shavers you can shave up and down resulting in a super close shave with no irritation.

I was very happy with the smoothness of my cheeks, lip and chin area. I think the Braun did a good job on my neck as well. Although it may not have been as close as a razor on my neck, I haven’t experienced any irritation. Usually with a razor I’ll have some sort of irritation once and awhile.

One thing I would note is that if you have thick facial hair, you might have to go a bit slowly over certain areas and press in a little harder. Going over certain areas a few times might be needed to get a very smooth shave, as well as pulling down on your skin.

I guess the only complaint I have, and it’s not really a complaint… would just be the change in routine. If you’re using traditional razor blades right now you might have a routine of taking a hot shower followed by a shave. With this electric shaver, you’re going to have to shave before washing your face. Obviously it’s not a big deal, just a little schedule change.

So overall I had a great experience. If you’re looking for a close shave with the luxury of a cleaning station then I would definitely recommend this product.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

If you have the budget for this shaver, and you want a smooth close shave with the convenience of a cleaning station, I suggest you get it.

The only downfall when it was first released was the cost, however at the current sales price it’s a great deal. You really get what you pay for in my opinion.

Although it’s not the cheapest option, if you want a close and extremely comfortable shave, I think it’s worth the money.

There are additional costs to replace the cleaning fluid, however I just see that as a luxury expense. 5 dollars a month isn’t that bad, plus you can easily stretch that to 5 dollars every two months which shouldn’t be a problem.

Overall my shaving experience was completely satisfying.

I get a very smooth shave with no irritation.

Bottom line, after reviewing many shavers this is my favorite, and I think you will be impressed as well.

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