The Braun Series 7 is the shaver I tend to recommend most, and I do suggest you go with the cleaning station.

The only problem is that the Braun cleaning cartridges don’t last forever. Eventually you will have to refill the solution. (This is recommended for all the Braun models which use a cleaning system).

In my very first review of the cleaning system, I mention that the cost to maintain it isn’t very much. A few years later I still stand by that statement. Even if you don’t make your own solution and opt in to buy Braun’s refill packs, it’s still worth it in my opinion.

However, when you consider the savings for some people, it’s sometimes worth making your own. What I mean by this is that if you can’t order directly from, the savings you get by using this alternative is quite a bit higher when compared to those who CAN order the original packs from

Amazon, and perhaps a few other online retailers sell the Braun Clean and Renew cartridges at a very reasonable price, and you can always buy a year supply in advance.

So for US residents, and other locations where you can get them to ship these items to you, the cost isn’t really that expensive.

But for those living outside the US, the cost of replacing the cleaning cartridges can be up to three times as much. So for these situations, the savings are much higher. (Obviously Americans who want to save money by making their own cleaning solution certainly can as well).

Check out the video demonstration, and below you’ll find links to the ingredients you need.

Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 70% USP 16 fl oz (1 PT) 473ml

Lemon Essential Oil – 4 oz

If you don’t own the Braun Series 7, be sure to check out the updated review here.