Braun, The King of Electric Shavers

Braun Shavers have really tattooed an image of quality in our minds.

When most people think of electric shavers, they think of Braun.

If you speak to anyone about their experiences with the product, you’ll probably get a positive response.

To be honest, I would say it’s probably the shaving brand I tend to recommend most, followed closely by Panasonic.

There’s a range of products here which can really suit all types of facial hair.

If you have a thicker beard and need to shave everyday or 3 times a week, the more advanced Series 7 shavers are recommended.

If you’re not interested in the most advanced models and would rather go with a mid level razor then consider the 3 Series. These are ideal for those who don’t need to shave as often, or for those after a more modestly price unit.

Perhaps you’re looking to style up your goatee. Consider some of the versatile options in the Cruzer line.

Overall, Braun has some really good options when it comes to the male grooming niche.

The Best Selling Models

  • Scores the best in overall performance
  • The faster and most efficient shaver I have ever used
  • Is it better than the Braun Series 7? Read the review to find out!

  • This is one of the most complete shaving products on the market.
  • The vibrating motor helps lift hairs off your face for easy shaving, and this is really what separatesit from all the other models.
  • It comes with a cleaning system that cleans, dries and charges automatically.
  • If you're looking for a complete system, this is it.

  • This is the first model to incorporate a cooling feature.
  • The cooling technology transfers heat from your face, which preps your beard for the best shaving condition.
  • Some models come with a full cleaning system and charging stand.
  • I would say this is the protype of what's to come in the future.

  • This is one of the better choices for under 100 dollars.
  • Although this particular model has a plastic type of look, it actually feels very durable.
  • Within the Series 3 range there are many different options to meet various needs.
  • Overall as a mid level unit, it's highly recommended.

  • The foil on this trimmer is not great for completely shaving thick beards. It's a trimmer, not an electric shaver.
  • But for smoothing out the tight areas around the chin, it's great.
  • If you're styling your facial hair you will really like this model.
  • It's recommended if you want to use it like I do in the video.

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