Finding the Best Electric Shaver....... Sounds Like a Job for an Expert

I know I know, choosing the best electric shaver isn’t that easy, right?

But how do you think I feel, I need to try and recommend a product to you, and everyone else, and hopefully make you all happy campers.

Seems tough, but there’s a small catch…

I do have a slight advantage over other so called “gurus”…

I’ve ACTUALLY TESTED them out!

If you think that’s a standard qualification for running a shaving website,  you’re dead wrong.

So relax, you’re in good hands

The 6 Best Electric Shavers


Here is a list of the best electric shavers in 2017.

I have reviewed them all, and you can find detailed written reviews as well as full video reviews in the table below.

After testing many of the top models, these are by far the best choices for most people in my opinion.

You will see I have made a "beard type" recommendation, as well as a quick note about the best features of the particular shaver. If you don't know your beard type, consider downloading my buying guide here.

I hope you find these reviews useful.

RankElectric ShaverImageMy ThoughtsBeard TypeDetailed ReviewWhere to Buy
1.Braun Series 7Braun Series 7Right now this is the best bang for your buck when it comes to electric shavers. This is an excellent shaver and great for medium to thick beards. It is extremely comfortable and has received tons of great reviews. It's priced very well because newer models have been released. It's my top pick. Medium to ThickRead & WatchAmazon
2.Braun Series 9Braun Series 9If you want the newest shaver out there, then get the Braun Series 9. Side by side it does perform better than the Series 7, however most people won't be able to tell the difference. Performance wise it is the best. ThickRead & WatchAmazon
3.Panasonic ES LVPanasonic ES LVThe ES LV models from Panasonic are awesome shavers. I rate this almost the same as the Braun Series 7 and 9. If you have thick facial hair and plan on doing wet shaving, get this model. Medium to ThickRead & WatchAmazon
4.Panasonic ES LA93 KPanasonic ES LA93 kIf you have a medium beard, and you want to try shaving wet with shaving cream, consider this model from Panasonic. You can often find it for a good sales price. Medium to ThickRead & WatchAmazon
5.Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3DPhilips Norelco SensoTouch 3DBased on my personal experience, and information I have gathered from this site, I only tend to recommend shavers from Philips if you have always used a rotary shaver in the past. If you're looking to upgrade your rotary shaver, consider this one. Light to MediumRead & WatchAmazon
6.Braun Series 3Braun Series 3If you have a light to medium beard, you can get this shaver for well under $100, and get some really good results. It's the best choice for those on a budget and those who don't have thick beards. Light to MediumRead & WatchAmazon

I Always Recommend Foil First

What can I say, I love the Braun Series 7.

After reviewing many shavers, I truly notice the difference when I come back to this razor. If you're interested in Braun's newest model, the Braun Series 9, you can find out how I compare these two. Read the comparison here. 

I’ve mentioned many times that you CAN get a very smooth shave with many electric shavers, but there’s a difference in HOW you achieve it.

What I’ve found is that the Braun Series 7 delievers that smoothness with the least amount of effort and irritation. The overall process is the best, and it’s noticeable.

Best shaver out there? Yeah, I would say so.

These first three features translate into a great shaving experience. For this, I will go on the record and state that I feel this is the best option out there.

The process of getting that smooth finish is what makes the difference between this model and the others. It almost seems effortless the way it shaves.

Plus, as a bonus, it has the best cleaning system available. With one touch you can keep your shaver clean and ready for the next shave.

Based on features and shaving performance, this is an excellent choice, especially if you’re interested in dry shaves with a foil shaver.

Combine Wet and Electric Shaving

Looking for the best of both worlds… shaving cream, soothing warm water, and extreme efficiency?

Then feast your beard on the powerful Panasonic ES LV Model (Arc 5).

It’s the recommended option for those with thick facial hair who are looking for a wet shaving experience. The new Series 7 – 799 has the wet shaving option as well, however in my opinion removing and rinsing the foil and blades is more efficient with the Panasonic.

But don’t think that you can’t use this shaver dry. It’s very versatile in its design.

It produces an efficient and fast shave when used dry, and for some: a more comfortable experience when used wet with shaving cream.

I think versatile is a good way to describe this unit.

Don’t worry about letting your facial hair grow out for a few days. The improved power along with very sharp blades can tackle a good 2 or 3 days worth of growth.

Although the overall design and look of this Panasonic shaver is very similar to previous models, there have been some key improvements.

There are more blades/foils, and the shaving head pivots 360 degrees. Combined, these new features supply a nice smooth shave, making this a product for all to consider.

Have You Always Used a Rotary Shaver?

There are often two rival groups who use these products:

Those who use foil shavers, and those who use rotary shavers.

Rivals might be a bit much, but the debate over foil vs. rotary is certainly not over.

What I’ve discovered is it comes down to personal preference. I’ve noticed that through examining user reviews, and frankly it’s common sense. Everyone’s shaving experience is unique.

Some people like rotary razors, some don’t. Some have only used one type so they can’t always relate. Based on my personal experience, if you’ve always used one type of shaver and enjoyed it, stick with it.

So, if you’re reppin rotary colors, then the SensoTouch 3D shaver from Philips Norelco will interest you.

Philips’ slim and unique design gives you a shaver that is very easy to use and fits snug against your face.

Anyone who is comfortable using these types of razors will really enjoy the SensoTouch 3D. There are a few different models to choose from, but sticking to the 1250x is probably the best choice.

Also, with the money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

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