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My beard during winter 2015Once every few months, I decide to grow out my beard.  Usually in the winter I keep a beard for a while. I sort of need to in order to create beard trimmer reviews.

But it has been years since I sported a goatee on a regular basis. I used to have one all the time until I had to be clean-shaven for a job. Then once I found electric shavers, I never really went back.

After using these trimmers and creating various beard styles I’m considering keeping a goatee every once and a while.

While testing out these products I discovered that they need to be powerful enough to completely remove a beard, and include adjustable trimming settings that meet different people’s needs.

These days there are many types of beards and the products need to adapt.

You might want to maintain a full beard, style a goatee, or keep a slick moustache.

These reviews should help you identify the model that’s right for you.

For Trimming Stubble

If you’re looking to maintain some stubble, you should consider this model.

I would say it does the best job at producing a consistent beard length, when compared to other models.

It doesn’t have a ton of power, or any styling abilities, but for maintaining short stubble, it’s great.

So it does exactly what it’s designed to do.

For Styling Facial Hair

Overall I enjoyed using this combination trimmer quite a bit.

If you’re wondering about the model numbers here, the 6 is basically the same as the Cruzer 5, except it comes with a charging stand and can be used wet.

I recommend this to annyone who’s interested in styling a goatee. It has some features that you won’t find on any other products, and which turn out to be really effective.

If you just want to remove facial hair to get a nice smooth shave then consider your other options, but if you’re going to use it for stying, it’s extremely useful.

For Reducing a Mess

If you want to reduce the stubble over your sink, you’ll appreciate this model.

The vacuum feature will not collect every single clipping, but it does work pretty well.

In terms of trimming performance, the QT4050 does a pretty good job as well. For maintaining a certain length it works well, but one area where it doesn’t shine is in the styling department.

If you need to make very precise trims and outlines, you might not like this one.

But if you’re just after basic functions along with the bonus clean up feature, it’s worth it.

For The Closest Trim

Just based on the price, everyone should have this model.

You can’t go wrong with having it around, and it actual does a few things really well.

Out of all the other models, this Wahl unit trims the closest. So if you just need to remove a beard and create some sharp edges, it’s great.

Unfortunately that’s really the best part. If you’re looking to maintain the length of your facial hair and actually trim it, look somewhere else.

This is more of a beard remover, rather than a trimmer. You definitley need to check out the review to really see what this can and can’t do.

For Basic Trimming

This is one of the most popular options.

Because it’s so affordable, it’s worth having around just in case you let your beard grow out too much.

I find I use it a lot after long weekends or holidays where I’ve let my facial hair grow out quite a bit.

Electric shavers have a tough time with long thick facial hair, so using this first is a great combination.

Even if you maintain a full beard, this model has 9 length settings which should be more than enough to maintain the look you want. As a budget unit, I highly recommend it.

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