Philips Norelco Shavers: The Most High Tech Design

Philips Norelco shavers are made by The Philips Company, which isn’t a surprise, but “Norelco” is really only used for products sold in North American, and more specifically the States.

In other parts of the world it’s just Philips, however many people seem to interchange the name when discussing these types of products.

So just be aware of this when searching for various models. If you’re shopping online or researching various reviews on different websites, this distinction might help you avoid confusion.

The products themselves continue to get updated and new models are released quite often.

The SensoTouch line has received a lot of attention because of it’s unique design and good customer feedback.

Most people who enjoy using rotary shavers should consider a SensoTouch model, however there are some other good options which aren’t as advanced such as the Power and AquaTouch.

Both of these are more suitable for those with an average to light beard growth, and they’re very similar except the “Aqua” models can be used wet.

Like all brands, there’s a good range of features and prices which should accomodate everyone, especially those that are use to this design (rotary).

The Best Selling Models

  • Best series of rotary shavers.
  • If you've always used this type of design then this is an excellent choice.
  • This is the most advanced system from this brand and it comes with several different models. Some have cleaning stations and different displays.
  • I personally found I got better results when using it wet.

  • For a rotary user who wants something under 100 dollars, these models are worth checking out.
  • Based on my personal experience, I would only recommend these models to those with light beards.
  • Shaving technique may play a big role in your results, so try several out. Users who used a light circular stroke saw the best results.

  • Although this isn't an electric shaver for your face, it's one of Philips' best selling products.
  • Anyone looking for the best solution to trimming body hair, especially below the waist should consider the Bodygroom.
  • There are many different models but they all work well.
  • Safest way to trim your body hair.

How to Get Better Results with Rotary Shavers

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