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What's the best electric shaver? +

The answer we all hate to hear: it depends.

The main things you need to consider are features, price, and your beard thickness. In fact, beard thickness is the number 1 thing you need to consider before buying. The thicker your beard is, the more advanced shaver you need.

The buying guide outlines how to find your specific beard type, and then recommends a particular model. So it’s really the best tool for find the best electric shaver for you.

What's better, foil or rotary? +

Both designs work.

We continue to see new foil and rotary shavers hit the market so one is clearly not that much better than the other. For the most part foil shavers tend to be a bit more popular because two of the major brands, Braun and Panasonic produce this type of design. However Philips Norelco and some Remington models have rotary designs and receive excellent reviews.

A lot of this will come down to personal preference. There has been a lot of heated discussion around this topic and I don’t think we’ll find a clear winner any time soon. Other factors should definitely be considered when purchasing.

A number of people have stated that foil shavers are better for sensitive skin but it’s hard to state whether this is 100% factual. Also, some users state that a foil design is closer on the cheeks, while rotary razors work better on the neck area. Again, we don’t have a clear winner based solely on foil vs. rotary.

The best thing to do is to find and compare the models you’re interested in and factor in all the different components.

Are cleaning stations really worth it? +

Cleaning stations are definitely a luxury item, however they aren’t completely necessary. Many products are sold in the complete shaving package with the cleaning station, but some are also sold separately with just the razor, requiring you to clean it manually.

In general it will cost about $5 per month to maintain a cleaning station. This can be reduced if you don’t use it everyday, so most people can make each cleaning cartridge last about two months. So an extra 60 to 30 dollars per year in cleaning expenses is worth it for most people.

Are electric shavers better than disposable razors? +

There’s no right answer to this question. There will always be people on both sides of the fence. It comes down to personal preferences.

In general what I have found is that a high quality electric shaver will shave the cheeks and face closer than a disposable razor, but the disposable razor is closer on the neck area. That being said, I find I get more irritation with disposable blades on the neck, so I’m much happier staying away from traditional blades.

An electric razor produces a smooth shaver with and against the grain. So when you rub your hands up and down your face it’s smooth. Most of the time with disposable blades you are only shaving with the grain, so rubbing your fingers up on your cheek is not smooth.

I find the process is easier and quicker as well, but I do understand how some people like to take their time when shaving and go through a nice process of cleaning, applying shaving cream and then a nice after shave lotion. This aspect will come down to personal preference.

Regarding price, the initial purchase of an electric razor may seem high, however you won’t have any other expenses unless you purchase cleaning cartridges and need to replace the shaver batteries or blades (some people don’t replace the blades for years). With disposable shaving you need to replace the blades quite often and you need to purchase shaving cream. These tend to add up over time.

I find the convenience and shaving experience is better with the electric option, and they’re well worth the money when compared to disposable razors. Again, this is my opinion.

What's recommended for sensitive skin? +

In general it’s recommended that you use a more powerful electric shaver and one of the best electric shavers for sensitive skin is the Braun Series 7. Some of the less powerful models might require you to press harder on your face which may cause more irritation. Using a pre shave oil like Lectric Shave can help reduce sensitivity as well.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding out what works best for you. You might find that using disposable blades with shaving cream designed for sensitive skin is the only way to go. Unfortunately this may take some trial and error on your part. There’s no one formula that fits all. If you do decide to use an electric shaver than go with the high end models and remember that it can take a few weeks to get use to it.

What's recommended for African American men? +

Some black men experience razor bumps and ingrown hairs because their facial hair is quite curly. Many forms of shaving cause irritation and pain. The best electric shavers for black men would be similar to the ones recommended for sensitive skin.

Some will say that rotary shavers cause more irritation, while some black men claim that a Norelco is the only brand they use. So information regarding the best shaver from African American men is sometimes conflicting. It would be best to get one of the more powerful models like the Braun Series 7. A good pre shave oil and lotion can also help reduce irritation.

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