I decided to grow a moustache.

Guys grow moustaches for several reasons.

Sometimes it’s for charity, sometimes their sports team’s in the playoffs, or for my situation, because of a job. Yes, I spent a few months working on an oil rig and grew a manly stache. It was supposed to make me stronger, haha.

Most of these scenarios are only temporary, but I know there are others who keep this look as a regular thing. So this is a quick demonstration of how you can maintain a moustache while shaving with an electric shaver.

In this demonstration I was using the Panasonic Arc 5 which is a top of the line shaver. Because I have a thicker beard, it’s one of the models I need to use to see good results.

So the basic “foil design” is what you need to be able to maintain sharp edges on your facial hair, but not any old shaver will do. You must remember that choosing the right product requires you to know your beard type.

This is why I recommend you download a free copy of the buying guide if you have not already done so. It will help you figure out which models are best for your specific needs.

Side Bar…

A lot of people search for information on how to grow a moustache.

Unfortunately there’s no secret. It just takes time.

It’s also related to your genetics. Some can grow moustaches, some can’t.

Recommendations for speeding up facial hair growth is unproven. To grow a moustache or beard, you just have to wait it out.

End Side Bar…

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