The best advice for avoiding razor burn is to find yourself the right shaver. Sounds simple, but it’s not always that easy.

To prevent irritation, you need to find yourself the right equipment. Unfortunately, a lot of people make mistakes and never start in the right direction. With poor initial results they begin to hate shaving and start searching for quick fixes. We want to try and avoid this.

It’s not always simple when you try and tackle this problem. There are so many different shaving techniques, and then so many different products.

So let’s first quickly discuss the different techniques.

Ultimately you have wet shaving, and electric shaving. The term wet shaving refers to using a blade and shaving cream. Within this category there’s disposable razor blades, double edge safety razors, straight razors and so on. There’s also all different shaving creams, and various techniques and methods to using these “razors”.

If you’re searching for this type of information, you’ve come to the wrong place.

This article, and whole website specializes in the other technique, electric shaving. The recommendations for preventing razor burn are all based around using electric shavers.

Anyone who’s currently using razor blades and not getting good results, as well as those using electric shavers and not getting good results will find this information useful.

So basically what you won’t find here are “wet shaving techniques” for eliminating razor burn.

The #1 Factor for Preventing Irritation

It’s all about choosing the right shaver.

If you’re using a shaver which is not designed for you, you can’t expect good results.

Many people can avoid skin irritation by simply using an electric shaver that is designed for them. “Designed for them” refers to aligning your beard type with an appropriate product category.

Comfortable shaves come from using a product that’s right for you, which comes from matching your beard thickness with the correct model.

This is how I eliminated my severe razor burn, and it’s how many others like me have done the same.

But the process of discovering your beard thickness, then choosing the right shaver can’t be explained in a single article. That’s why I’ve created a set of 3 videos, and a full 70 page buying guide.

Don’t worry, the information is super easy to follow, and it’s all free.

Download the Buying Guide here.