Remington Shavers: Close and Affordable

Remington shavers don’t seem to be as popular these days when compared to the other big brands.

Braun, Panasonic and Philips Norelco seem to be getting much more attention. I think the reason is that each of these brands has released a really advanced shaver which has created a lot of buzz in the market.

Braun has the Series 7 shavers, Panasonic has the only 5 bladed shaver, and Philips Norelco has the SensoTouch shavers.

So what does Remington have?

They don’t really have a shaving unit which competes with the units mentioned above. There’s not really an advanced and highly marketed product at the moment.

Instead, this brand seems to be more about affordability.

This is especially true when it comes to their replacement blades. Their replacement parts tend to be much cheaper when compared to the other brands.

But these are not just affordable.

The other characteristic that many people agree upon is the closeness.

“Affordably Close Shaves” is a good slogan to give them. Obviously not everyone will agree, but it probably applies to most.

So don’t expect to be blown away by some extremely high tech shaving unit. As of right now, that just won’t happen.

Instead, expect to pay well under $100 for a reliable shaver which produces a close shave, and isn’t expensive to maintain.

The Best Selling Models

  • In my opinion this is the best model from the F Series. It's more comfortable than the F4 which is outlined below, and it's cheaper than the F6 and 7.
  • It comes with 3 foils and I feel the extra features with the F6 and 7 are not necessary.
  • This is recommended if you really need to keep your budget below 100 dollars.
  • Spending extra money for a better shaver is almost always worth it.

  • Close and affordable shaves is what you can expect here.
  • The replacement parts are very affordable.
  • If you have very thick facial hair you might have a difficult time getting all the hair with this model.
  • Not recommended if you have very sensitive skin.

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