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Which electric shaver is the best?

Is Braun better than Panasonic?..

These are probably the most common questions I get, therefore I decided to compare the top electric razors to help YOU decide.

If you’re torn between two models, hopefully I’ve compared them here and you can review them head to head.

Even if you’re not sure which product you want, this is a good place to see how some of the best systems match up.

One thing to remember is that I am only a sample size of one. I do try and make these reviews unbiased, however I also like to share my own personal experiences.

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Final Thoughts

What I’ve found after reviewing many products and talking with many users, is that a final recommendation usually comes down to budget and facial hair thickness.

For those who don’t care about the price, the higher- end models are definitely recommended. This is also true for those with thick facial hair. If you have quite a heavy beard, the more powerful units are your best bet.

Now, if you want to perhaps, “keep your expenses below $100 dollars”, there are still some good options available, particularly with Panasonic. Also, if you don’t have very thick facial hair you can get away with spending less money.

I guess those would be the most basic tips on choosing an electric shaver.

After conducting a few comparisons and getting some feedback from various people, these thoughts, although very “general”, seem to apply for most people. Obviously with shaving equipment everyone’s experience is unique, however most of the time these recommendations work well.

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