Panasonic: Where Shaving Cream and Electric Shavers Collide!

Panasonic shavers continue to get great ratings, year after year.

One of the main advantages is the ability to use them wet. If you want to shave over the sink with shaving cream, this is your brand.

As you would probably agree, these products are certainly not keeping The Panasonic Corporation alive. This company is probably better known for its palsma televisions, camcorders, and stereo systems.

But that doesn’t mean these products have taken a back seat. This company continues to make new developments in their electric shavers.

They continue to release new models which follow a similar path: More power, and more blades!

So far their improvements are working. All the new models which come out are better than the previous ones.

It seems like eventually this needs to stop, but who knows, next year they might have a new 6 bladed model!

And it’s not just me that likes these products, many consumers report that this brand has an edge over its competitors. Value for money, I believe they have some of the best available options.

The Best Selling Models

  • When this first came out, it was just too expensive. Fortunately the price has come way down.
  • My expectations were met with the power this model has. Very powerful!
  • One of the best options if you want to shave wet with shaving cream.
  • I consistently use this particular shaver.

  • At one time this was the most advanced model with the most options.
  • Unless you really want the newest models, this is highly recommended.
  • The fact that a more advanced mode is out doesn't take anything away from this one.
  • Enough power for most beards.

  • This is affordable for those with light to medium beards.
  • There may be a large price difference bewteen the model which comes with a cleaning station.
  • Recommended for those with lighter beards and who don't want to spend a lot.

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