I recently posted a hair removal cream review on the Youtube channel.

I have actually been using these products off and on for quite a few years now, and I finally decided to review one of them. I chose to review a cream from Revitol.

I personally don’t like my upper back hair, or the hair on my shoulders, so I remove it regularly. As some of you can probably relate, this has meant trying many different options.

I’ve tried waxing (worst experience), shaving with razor blades (not efficient), using back hair razors with the long handles, and of course hair removal creams.

For me, the easiest and most convenient way to remove my unwanted back hair is with the creams. You literally apply the cream, wait 10 minutes, and take a shower. The hair just washes off.

Unfortunately, not everyone has had success with these products. The particular product I reviewed from Revitol was definitely one of the better creams, but as someone recently pointed out, there were many negative reviews on Amazon.com.

Just for the record, I’ve always been honest in my reviews, and as the video above shows, this stuff really works the best for me. And another point worth making, I never really check other people’s reviews before making my own. This way, any negative or positive reviews out there don’t influence my recommendations.

These creams are something I need to use weekly, and I like this particular brand. But that doesn’t mean you’ll like these products. In general, hair removal creams don’t get great reviews.


Why I Rate This Product So Well

There are quite a few different types of these creams available on the market.

You have your Nair, Veet, Nads and a few others. I’ve tried most of them, both the male and female versions. I just really enjoyed using Revitol vs. the other options. It’s smooth, doesn’t have a strong smell, and I didn’t experience any skin irritation.

The only downfall is the price. I would suggest you buy a few bottles to save some money.

From my personal experience, I need to recommend that you try this product.