The best beard trimmer for you is not necessarily the best for me, or the next person.
Everyone’s facial hair is a bit different, and we’re not all looking for the same thing.

Some people just want to buzz off a beard after letting it grow out too long. Others want to style and design a goatee, or maintain a full beard.

Once you factor in price, there isn’t one trimmer that’s best for everyone. Each model is a little different, and to find yourself the right one, you need to align your goals with how they perform.

So here I’ve reviewed and compared 4 popular units side by side. If you know what you want, there should be enough information here to find yourself a useful product.

Side Bar…

Most people will be happy with one of these models.

Obviously there are more choices out there, however these offer a good range of different features. They all function a little bit differently, and they have different prices as well.

End Side Bar…

Find each review here:

Braun Cruzer Face

Philips Vacuum Trimmer

Wahl Groomsman

Remington MB 200