The Braun CoolTec Review

Braun CoolTecThe Braun CoolTec is a big step in the right direction when it comes to the advancement in shaving technology.

When Panasonic’s 5 bladed shaver came out, I remember thinking that at some point an extra blade, or added power will no longer be beneficial. It’s sort of like the law of diminishing returns…

Eventually with the more blades you add, the shaving performance will no longer increase.

But with the CoolTec, Braun is taking a different approach. They’re combining brand new shaving technology with their already established products.

I also remember saying that it’s hard to see how they will make a shaver better than the Series 7. Well in my opinion, with this cooling technology, they’re on the right track.

So as you’ll see with this current version, it’s just the first step. It has its limitations which are evident when taking a closer look, but future releases look promising.

Enter the CoolTec:

There are two versions of this model. You have the CC models, and the S models.

The CC models come with a cleaning station, where the S models don’t. Any other differences in the product number are just associated with a color difference, or a geographical location.

Cleaning this model is the same process as cleaning the other Braun shavers.

You can read the cleaning section on the Series 7 review page. Click here. (opens in a new window)

With an up close look, it’s clear that this has the exact same design as a Series 3.

There’s a standard pop up trimmer, two foils and a center cutter, along with an ergonomic design. Nothing new here…

What is new is that big blue button, and the aluminum cooling bar installed beneath the foil cap. When you turn it on and press that blue button, you’re operating it with the cooling feature.

The aluminum bar cools down very fast, and it transfers heat from your face as you shave. This helps reduce irritation and preps your beard for the best dry shaving conditions.

So firstly, does the cooling technology actually work?

The answer is yes. Within 2 minutes of turning it on, the cooling bar drops 20 degrees Celsius. I’ve always just turned it on and started shaving right away, so you don’t need to pre cool or anything. You should notice a cooling sensation immediately.

With a cooler face, you do get better results and reduced irritation. The reason is that it’s always better to do a dry shave when your face is cool and completely dry, and this feature really preps you for that. Any time you are a little sweaty or your body temperature is warm, you’re probably not experiencing the best dry shaves. So I would say this cooling feature definitely works and helps.

The next common question is, does it actually give you a closer shave?

The short answer is no. The feature preps your beard for the best shaving condition, the closeness is dependant on which “shaver” this feature is attached to. Right now, as I mentioned in the video, this is basically a Braun Series 3 with cooling technology.

So in my Series 3 review I said that for someone with thicker facial hair like me, they will need to shave very often as the shaver doesn’t have enough power to shave more than about a days worth of growth. Based on my experience, I recommend people with thicker beards avoid the Series 3 and upgrade.

The same goes for the Braun CoolTec. This is a Series 3 shaver, therefore those with thicker beards will still struggle in getting really good results. Yes the cooling technology helps, but it still has the limitations of a Series 3.

If you don’t know how to classify your type of beard, I suggest you download the buying guide for free and it will recommend the right shaver for your specific needs.

The last question is regarding comparing this to the Series 7, and I think we’ve covered that.

This is not better than the Series 7. It’s a Series 3. So the recommendation for thicker beards is to stay with the Series 7.

The Series 7 definitely out performs this Braun CoolTec in my opinion, for my beard type. But remember, those with medium beards don’t necessarily need all the power in a Series 7, and therefore can benefit from this cooling technology.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

The cooling technology definitely works.

It transfers heat from your face, and this preps your beard for the best shaving conditions. There are times when you may shave one day and get different results the next day. Often times this has to do with your skin conditions. A cooler, dryer face will always produce better results when dry shaving, and this shaver definitely helps with this.

It’s important to remember that this current version is the equivalent to a Series 3 shaver. So anyone with a thick beard should still upgrade to the Series 7 in my opinion. The cooling feature helps reduce irritation and preps your beard for the best shave, but you’re still actually “shaving” with a Series 3 shaver. Therefore it won’t handle a thicker beard like the more advanced models do.

Overall I’m pleased with this product, but those with thicker beards will have to wait and see if they combine this CoolTec feature with the Series 7. That would be the ultimate.

However those with medium beards should definitely consider this as I think you’ll be pleased with the results. It’s a very refreshing shave.

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