Should  You Choose Power or Price?

Are you looking for acceleration off the line, or financial savings through better gas mileage?

Weird question to ask within a Panasonic shaver comparison I know, but let me explain…

This comparison looks at the new Panasonic ES LA93 K and the older Panasonic ES 8249 S. You can find the newer model comparison here.

Ideally this is intended for someone who’s looking for a foil shaver, particularly one you can use wet with shaving cream, but you might be a bit torn between going with the newer more powerful model, or sticking with the older model and saving some money.

The newer model is more powerful and more expensive, while the older model comes with a great price tag.

So the general question is: are you looking for advanced features, or are you willing to give up some power for a lower price?

My guess is that most people’s needs in regards to their car is quite similar to their electric shavers, but it’s really just a silly assumption. Therefore, it’s worth your while to review this entire article to see what you really need and want.

In Europe, the similar versions are the ES LF71 and the ES RF models (RF41 and RF31).

Side Bar…

There’s actually two other models that this indirectly covers as well.

The Panasonic ES LA63 S is actually the exact same razor as the ES LA93 K, it just doesn’t come with a cleaning station.

Also, the ES 8243 A is the same razor as the ES 8249 S, just without the cleaning station.

So just keep that in mind in case you were thinking about these two other models.

End Side Bar…

Final Thoughts

It really came down to the shaving performance.

I’m actually quite happy it worked out this way because at the end of the day shaving performance is what matters most.

Sometimes other “special” features can persuade people to buy products which they don’t really need. A really fancy traveling case didn’t alter our decision here and that’s always a good thing.

In terms of design there isn’t much of a difference. Panasonic is sticking to what works.

What’s different is the way the newer model shaves, and this is attributed to the larger motor. In this case more power is better. The final product is the same, but the process of getting there is better with the more powerful unit.

This seems to be the case quite often. Eventually you will get a smooth shave, the difference is whether you needed 15 strokes or 5 strokes to get that smoothness.

At the end of the day, more power and fewer strokes is better. But like the title asks: should YOU go with power or price?

The only way to answer this question is to take into account your budget, and the thickness of your facial hair.

If you have thick facial hair you’re better off with the newer model. I think most people know if they have thick facial hair or not, but I would say that if you need to shave everyday, you will want the more powerful unit.

But, if your budget won’t allow you to get the more expensive one, the older 8249 S is still recommended.

So people on a tighter budget have a few more options. Perhaps you can get the LA63 S which is just the razor itself.

If you don’t want to spend over $100, then go with the 8249 S, but remember if your facial hair is very thick you should probably upgrade to the more powerful models.

Most people know if they have thick facial hair. If you need to shave everyday, go with the more powerful models.

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