Reviewing Some Older Foil Shavers

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Nothing’s better than a full electric shaver comparison to help you find the right product.

Here we try and determine the best foil shaver by reviewing 2 of the top selling models:

The Braun Series 7 and the Panasonic ES 8249 S (ES RF models in Europe).

I have personally reviewed both of these and was extremely impressed, but now it’s time to really choose a winner.

Final Thoughts

If we add up the scores in all three sections, it looks like the Braun Series 7 – 790cc wins.

It was a very close call. The Braun didn’t win by a large margin whatsoever, and it came down to personal preferences and a slight edge in the shaving experience.

For the shaving specs I mentioned that it wasn’t a really big make or break section. Both systems are very similar in terms of specs and this section alone could never produce a clear winner.

In the cleaning station reviews the Braun 790cc was just slightly better. It was easier to set up and easier to use. Again, there’s nothing bad about the Panasonic cleaning station I just like using the Braun’s more.

So these two sections alone couldn’t really produce a clear cut winner.

Lastly, for the performance experience both performed really well. The final product was basically the same however the Braun felt a little easier to use.

With the Panasonic I needed to press in a bit more which made it slightly less comfortable. Again, another close call.

Based on 3 close calls, today’s champion is the Braun Series 7.

What did we miss?

Two things we haven’t mentioned are price and wet shaving capabilities.

Firstly, I didn’t include any discussion about the wet shaving ability of the Panasonic ES 8249 because I’m not a big fan, and it wouldn’t factor into my decision making.

However, if you think that you will want to use your razor wet with shaving cream, you should go with the Panasonic.

In my experience wet shaving with electric shavers is a bit messy and I prefer just shaving dry. Again, this will be up to you.

Secondly, if you’re on a budget and price is a big factor in your decision making, then the Panasonic might be a better option.

Each had a similar initial retail price, however the Panasonic has a lower sales price at the moment. It is up to you whether the price difference is enough to sway your decision.

Whatever model you choose, I hope you get good results!

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