Do You Need Extra Blades?

Are 5 blades better than 4?

That’s the fundamental question behind this comparison review: Panasonic ES LV models vs. the ES LA models.

In all the electric razor reviews I’ve done, more features and technology has pretty much delivered a better shave.

But I still strongly believe that beard thickness should be the main factor in choosing an electric shaver, not extra features.

Before testing these models side by side, my initial thought was the ES LV will perform better, but most people will get good enough results with the ES LA models… and to my surprise, I was right!

The truth is the 5th blade does help, but not everyone needs it.

Continue reading and check out the video comparison to see if you should consider upgrading.

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Final Thoughts

In answering one question, we’re left with a few more…

Are you willing to pay a premium price for a better shaver, and will you even notice the improvement?

Before the LV models came out, Panasonic’s best shavers were the ES LA models. In the past I recommended them, even for those with thicker beards. Now that a new unit has come out, it doesn’t change my previous recommendations.

Bottom line, the ES LA models are still really good, and I still recommend them. The only difference now is that there’s a new product available which is better.

That’s usually common when new products are released, except there’s another twist here: Is it really worth it to upgrade considering your beard thickness?

I would imagine that for a lot of people, the LA models offer enough power and performance, and some people will hardly notice the difference with the added blade. So for those people it may not be worth it.

However, those with thicker beards will notice the difference, and will appreciated it.

So before this gets even more confusing, here are my final thoughts:

If you have thick facial hair which is similar to mine (shave 3 or more times per week), you will appreciate the 5th blade and notice the difference. The ES LV models will give you better shaves.

Those with a medium or average type of beard growth probably aren’t going to notice too much of a difference, and the ES LA models are “good enough”.

So for those with a bit of a heavier beard, if you’re willing to pay a bit more you will get better results.

Those with average beards will get betters results as well, but it’s probably not as noticeable when compared to those with thicker beards.

The ES LA models will always be recommended, especially for those that want to save a bit of money.

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