Head to Head Comparison of the Best Rated Electric Shavers

When it comes to performance, these are definitely the best rated electric shavers.

Just for the record, not everyone needs the best performing shaver to see good results.

But those looking for the ultimate shaving experience should consider these premium products.

Both the Braun Series 7 and the Panasonic ES LV models produce the best results when compared to all the other models, however choosing a winner between them is almost impossible.

Without trying to spoil the review, I will say that based on performance alone, I can’t pick a winner. I have a hunch that some of the small differences will probably influence many people’s decision.

So let’s start this comparison review by checking out some of the differences in the design and features, and then compare the actual performance.

My goal is to provide enough information so you can hopefully choose the right one for you.

“This overview is pretty quick. After watching the video it sort of feels like it’s lacking something, but I honestly don’t think I could add anything else which is useful. At the end of the day they are really evenly matched in my opinion. I don’t go into too much detail in the video, so you might want to check out the full reviews as well which can be found on this site.” 

Tyler Stokes Electric Shaver Guide
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Final Thoughts

Here are some quick final thoughts.

In terms of performance, they are very similar. The experience is slightly different, but I wouldn’t say one is clearly better than the other.

The Panasonic is louder, and it’s almost as if you can feel it buzzing through each individual hair, where the Braun sort of just numbs and vibrates the hair right off.

So perhaps the Series 7 is a little more comfortable, but I’d say the ES LV shavers feel a bit more powerful. Again, I can’t really say one performs better than the other.

If you want a cleaning station, I would personally recommend the Braun. I find it works better and overall is a better system.

But, because the ES LV models can be cleaned manually very easily, they are better if you want a razor only option, and perhaps you’re going to be traveling a lot. Also, those looking to shave wet with shaving cream should consider getting these as well.

Right now the Series 7 is cheaper, and because it’s been out for quite some time it’s actually priced really well. The initial cost on the ES LV models is much higher, however if you take a longterm look the price will probably even out over 2 or 3 years because of the cleaning cartridge expense. But based on initial costs, the ES LV is higher at the moment.

Bottom line, they’re both really good, and I think you’ll be happy with either one. Hopefully there’s enough information here to help you make a decision.

As always, whichever shaver you do choose, I hope you get good results.

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