The Remington F 5790 Review

I believe the Remington F5790 is the best model from the F Series.

It’s better than the F4, and it’s cheaper than the F6 and 7 which have some extra features that you don’t need.

After reviewing the F5 and looking at all the other factors between the different F models, I’d say this is the one to go with.

As a mid to low level unit, I think it did a pretty good job.

Benefits of the F5 vs. the previous and newer models:

This is better than the F4 because it has 3 foils instead of 2.

When comparing the shaving performance, I did notice that the extra foil offered more comfort and an overall better shave.

Both the F6 and F7 also have 3 foils, but their price tags are a bit higher because of an improved battery display. In my opinion it’s not really worth the extra money. The shaving performance will be the same so you might as well just stick with the F5.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Based on price, this model does a good job.

You can find it on sale for around $50, and if you were to compare all the models selling in that price range, I think this one would get rated quite well.

I’ve always said that those with thick facial hair should opt-in for the more advanced models, and after this review it’s clear why I make that recommendation. It did a fine job on my cheek and lip area, but had trouble removing all the hair on my neck.

So anyone will thick facial hair will need to shave more often with this model, or spend a bit more money and choose a better shaver.

On the other hand, if you don’t shave very often (2 or 3 times a week), it might be a good deal for you considering how cheap it is.

Overall I would recommend it as a “budget shaver”, but please keep these recommendations in mind. If you have really thick facial hair, consider a high end Braun model. 

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