The Remington F 4790 Review

This Remington F 4790 review really highlights an affordable razor that gives a very smooth shave.

And that’s what this brand seems to be well known for these days. If you check out any popular forum, most of the veterans in there will agree that these products really deliver a super close shave.

After testing this model I totally agree, it does deliver a very close shave, and it’s quite affordable. But there are definitely a few tips and recommendations worth knowing before deciding on getting this one.

Difference between the F series:

You might come across other F models.

The 3 hundred series will have two foils but the head doesn’t pivot.

With this 4 hundred series the shaving head has the ability to pivot back and forth.

With the 5 to 7 hundred series the razor has three foils, and the 6 and 7 hundred series have better battery displays.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Here are some of the things to take away from this review.

It did deliver a very smooth shave, especially on my cheek and lip area, but it did have a bit of trouble on my neck.

With two days worth of growth it did leave some hairs behind, but I found it worked much better on one day’s growth.

So I would suggest that anyone with thick facial hair to shave a bit more often with this unit.

Also, those with sensitive skin might want to avoid this model. It does shave extremely close but it can be a bit harsh, especially if you know you have sensitive skin.

The other thing we touched on was cleaning the razor. It’s a pretty easy process but removing the foil is a bit difficult so be careful with that.

Overall I would recommend it as a “budget shaver”, but please keep these recommendations in mind. If you have really thick facial hair, consider a high end Braun model. 

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