Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D Review

I got my hands on the new SensoTouch 3D.

I have been very excited to test out this model because it looks so cool.

It’s got one of the most high tech designs, and I’ve been really anticipating what kind of results the unique features will produce.

This specific review is on the 1250xcc model, however it is applicable to all the different models. We’ll touch on some of the differences before we get started.

Keeping track of all the different shavers on the market is pretty tough, and there’s even some confusion with just this one specific model!

So let’s briefly review some of the main differences among the models. Firstly, the 1250xcc and the 1280xcc are the two units with the Jet Clean System. This is represented by the “cc”. The cleaning system in the 1250xcc is a standard system which comes with one setting, while the 1280xcc has three different settings and works faster.

Because these can easily be cleaned manually, the Jet Clean System is not completely necessary, and therefore all the models are sold with just the razor itself. So you can purchase the shaver without the base, which comes in these models: 1250x, 1260x, 1280x and 1290x.

The differences between these will be within the battery display screens, and the finishings. The 1280x and 1290x have a digital display screen, and instead of a plastic finish they have a chrome and zinc metal finish.

In my opinion, the biggest decision would be between getting the cleaning system or not. If you want to save some money you can just get the razor itself, however the cleaning system is pretty cool, and very convenient. So basically I would personally choose between the full shaving system in the 1250xcc (like the one we’re reviewing here), or just the 1250x razor by itself. The extra money for the models above the 1250 is not necessary in my opinion.

Enter the 1250xcc:


Here’s what you get when you order this system:

  • 1250x Razor
  • Safety Cap and Brush
  • Traveling Case
  • Electrical Cord
  • Set of Instructions
  • Jet Clean System and Solution
  • Charging Stand


Charging can be done with the charging stand, or the cleaning base.

Unfortunately you can’t plug the electrical cord into the razor itself. This is not a big deal if you’re using it at home, however if you want to travel it’s a slight inconvenience.

If you do travel, then at the very least you will need to bring the shaving stand with you in order to charge it up. It isn’t too big, however it won’t fit into a small traveling case.
The charging stand does have some nice suction cups which really helps it stick to your bathroom counter top and doesn’t move at all. So you can charge it right side up in with the stand, or you can flip it around and charge it within the cleaning base.

You might think the charging stand is a bit redundant because you can just charge it in the cleaning base, which is true with the 1250xcc and 1280xcc models. However, because all these models can be purchased without the cleaning station, you will need some other way to charge it.

With the 1250x, a full charge should last you about 50 minutes in shaving time, while the 1280x and 1290x units will last 60 minutes. Also as we mentioned earlier, the 1250x will have a charging bar as a display, where the other models will have digital displays which tell you how many minutes are left.



Setting up the base is really easy.

Pressing in the buttons on each side of the base, you simply remove the top and reveal a canister which the unit sits on. All you have to do in pour in the Jet Clean Solution up to the indicated line, and place the unit back on top.

With the initial purchase you get 1 month’s supply of the Jet Clean Solution. If you use the station everyday, it should last you about 1 month. Replacing the Jet Clean Solution will cost you around 5 dollars per month. Packs of 3 are usually sold for around 15 dollars online, however other stores might charge more. This is the standard cost of  replacing cleaning cartridges.

But remember that you don’t always have to use the cleaning station. Based on my personal experience I would assume that most people don’t use the station everyday, which really cuts the cost down. If you don’t shave everyday, obviously you’re not going to use the system, and a manual clean is very easy as well. Therefore, most people can easily make 1 month’s supply last quite a bit longer.

Placing the shaver in the cleaning base will automatically charge it. By pressing the ON button, it lowers into the base and begins cleaning.

The whole process is pretty awesome and high tech. Once you turn it on, it lowers into the cleaning solution and it begins cleaning. During the entire session the shaver rises and lowers back in a few times. Once it’s fully cleaned it will start drying. This is indicated with a flashing light.

The manual says it takes about 2 hours to dry, and about 1 hour to dry for the advanced models. These times are a bit longer when compared to other systems, however most people don’t need to use the shaver again until around 24 hours so it’s not that big of a deal.

When the solution is running low a display will indicate that it needs to be refilled. If this happens during a session simply remove the base from the cannister and fill it back up, then start the process over.

It’s a little hard to tell how clean it gets, or compare the “cleanliness” to other similar products, but I would say it does quite a nice job. Plus, it’s a really cool process.


A Manual Clean:

Remember the Jet Clean System is not completely necessary.

The main reason why it’s not needed is because these models are waterproof and can be used wet. Therefore, they can be cleaned under running water.

Washing these particular ones is quite easy, and with the models which don’t have the base you will need to learn how to do this.

The first step is to just rinse the head under running water. It should be warm to hot water and should be done for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. It’s recommended that it’s off when you do this.

What you can also do is open each of the 3 rotary heads and rinse in between them. Once you’re done rinsing you can click them back into place and shake off or blow off any water drops. If you want to do a very thorough clean you can actually remove the blades and wash them separately.

Overall a manual clean is really easy and a must do for the models which don’t have the Jet Clean System. Even if your model does come with the system, a manual wash can save you from constantly replenishing the solution, and will be needed if you travel without the base.

The design is what interests a lot of people, me included.
Although it is similar to other high tech products, some of the new features are worth talking about.

The design is very high tech and overall it fits nicely in the hand. It is actually quieter than some of the other shavers in this price range.

It comes equipped with a standard precision trimmer which is good for straightening out side burns, and as we mentioned the display screen will vary with the different models.

One of the new features is called the Ultra Track, which refers to the inner blades within the shaving heads. They are designed to cut short, medium and long hairs. Although this technology is cool and sounds good on paper, it’s really something we will have to discuss when we actually test it out.

The other feature which is noticeable is the Gyro Flex 3D Head. This refers to the 360 degree pivot of the head, as well as the inward and outward pivot of the 3 individual rotary heads.

You can clearly see through the demonstration on my palm that this feature will nicely fit the contours of your chin and neck area.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

I recommend this for anyone who’s been using rotary shavers in the past, or is looking for a wet shave.

Based on my personal experience, I would say that overall I enjoyed using this, however, I did notice that I experienced a better shave when using it wet.

Everyone’s experience is unique, and some people react differently to certain products. For me, I personal found that some of the top foil models gave me better results. Closer shaves with less irritation.

Now, it wasn’t a huge difference, but considering I have tested out many systems, it’s easy for me to tell a difference. So based on my personal experience, if you have always used a foil shaver in the past, you might want to consider sticking to that design.

That being said, if you’re use to Norelco products, then this could be a great match for you.

If you do decide to get this one, I would stick to the 1250 models. So you can get the 1250x, or you can get the 1250xcc which comes with the base.

Because these can be easily cleaned manually, the entire system is not totally necessary. You can save some money by just purchasing the razor on its own, but I’ve always been a big fan of the stations, and found this one to be pretty awesome.

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