The Old Panasonic ES 8249 S

The ES 8249 S might be the best Panasonic electric shaver on the market, especially when price is a big factor.

Not only do I believe it’s one of the best options from Panasonic, but it’s probably one of the top options overall.

Let’s jump right into our review and try and explain why this shaver is rated so well.

Before we open the box, I want to clear up some confusion regarding other similar models. There are so many similar model numbers that it can be quite hard to keep track of them all.

For starters, the Panasonic ES 8249 “S” is the same model as the ES 8249 “K”. The only difference is that the K model is black. Also, the Panasonic ES 8243 A is the same razor, it just doesn’t come with the cleaning station. This review is basically on all three of the models.

The Panasonic ES 8109 S is a very similar model except it only has 3 blades where the ES 8249 has 4 blades. Both come with a cleaning station.

Lastly, the Panasonic ES 8103 S is the exact same razor as the ES 8109S which is 3 bladed, except it does not come with any cleaning station.

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In Europe, the similar versions are the ES RF models (RF41 and RF31)

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Final Thoughts and Recommendations

I strongly recommend these ES 8000 models, as long as you don’t have a very thick beard.

I must say I had a good experience with them. They’re comparable to some of the other more expensive models.

At the moment, only the razor only option is offered at a good price.

If you have a thick beard, consider the newer models.

Find the newer ES LV models here. 

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