Braun 760cc Cleaning Station Display Question

I was wondering if someone could confirm to me how does one know if the cleaning fluid display works properly on the station or not?

I have put new cartridge on October 24th and so far it never moved to lower number of cycles. Is it supposed to drop down to other two display lights during the 30 days?

I have been using the shaver every day except weekends and so far there is no change on the cleaning light. In the manual it states that with daily use it should be sufficient for 30 cleaning cycles and if not used daily it should be replaced after 8 weeks. I replaced mine today despite the light stating “up to 30 cycles left” but I am just curious to know if I should expect the light to change or not.

Thanks in advance


Hi there.

As you use the cleaning station, the second light should light up when you have 7 or less cleaning sessions left. The bottom light indicates that the cleaning cartridge is empty.

If you use the cleaning station for about 30 cleans, the cartridge should probably be close to empty.

Does your shaver come out nice and clean and smelling fresh? If you feel your display light is not working, just open the base and remove the cleaning cartridge and check how much you have left.

You should expect the light to change when the cleaning fluid is getting low. So if your light does not display the right amount which is left, you might just have to take out the cartridge and check for yourself.

If you’re cleaning the shaver everyday with the cleaning station, you’re probably just doing a “small” clean each time, so your cleaning station may last longer than a 30 day total.

By using it only during the week from October 24th until the end of November/beginning of December is close to 30 cleans, so it’s not way overdue.

Keep using it and just manually check that the cleaning fluid is actually being used. If it is then just wait and if the lights never come on, then remove the cartridge and check for yourself when it’s empty, and then make the change.

All the best,


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