Wahl Beard Trimmer Review

This Wahl beard trimmer, which is the basic Groomsman model, is extremely affordable, but if you don’t know how it performs you might be disappointed.

Usually a warning like “what to expect” is appreciated more for expensive products.

This model is far from expensive, but it definitely doesn’t do everything you’d expect from a trimmer.

It has its good points and bad, but knowing exactly what you should expect will ensure you’re not disppointed with your purchase.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

We mentioned a few times the attachments aren’t very good.

They’re hard to put on and take off, and the trimming with them isn’t the best.

It’s uncomfortable compared to some other options out there. So I would say for those looking to maintain a beard and trim the length of your beard, there are definitely some better alternatives.

If we forget about the attachments, the trimmer is great at creating an outline, or completely removing a beard. It’s very powerful and sharp, and you won’t get a closer trim with any other product.

So if you want to use this just to remove a beard, maybe you’ve let it grow out over the weekend or something, it’s very effective. This is important to consider because it’s much easier to get a close shave after trimming a beard off, rather than trying to actually shave a beard off.

So this really limits my recommendation to those looking to basically just completely remove a beard or facial hair to a very very short length.

Yes it’s great for outlining facial hair, but it trims it so short that it doesn’t leave any stubble, and the attachments are too uncomfortable and difficult to use.

I think it’s also worth mentioning that it is very very affordable, it retails for 25 dollars and through the link below you can find it on sale for around 15 dollars.

For that price, I’d say it’s worth it just to have on hand. It can be really handy for a few things, especially sharp outlines, but if you’re styling facial hair or maintaining a beard, it’s not very useful by itself.

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